1991 – Mr. Thai, the company founder, established Vinh Hiep Private Enterprise, specializing in processing and supplying agricultural products such as peanuts, sesame, chillies, ginger and pepper to local exporters for Russia and Algeria markets. The entity initially started with an opening capital of VND500millions and 06 workers in a 500m2 warehouse.

1999 – Vinh Hiep moved its head office to Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province, marking its first expansion in size and change in specializing fields. The new warehouse was double the size that of the previous and the company focused more on processing and supplying coffee, pepper to local export companies.

2001 – With the growing demand for Vietnam agricultural products, the purchasing and processing center was relocated from District 6 to 4367/2 Nguyen Cuu Phu, An Lac Ward, Tan Binh District. The total warehouse area was 3000m2. The new center focused on processing and supplying peppers to local export companies.

2004 – Following the economic development in Vietnam, the company was transformed into Vinh Hiep Co. Ltd. All processing plants, whose facilities were upgraded and enlarged to 3000m 2, were centralized in Pleiku City. Total production turnover of the factory achieved 300MT/day and storage capacity was 5000MT. The company marked its second development milestone in beginning to export directly to the overseas markets.

2006 - The business continued to upgrade and expand its factories to a total area of 5000m2.

2009 – The company established 3 purchasing and storing warehouses located in 3 direct purchasing points with farmers in Dakdoa, ChuHrong and ChuProng. The factory was constructed and modernized to facilitate high quality coffee beans (clean and wet polished)

2012 – Presented representative office in Ho Chi Minh City. The business was ranked 13th among 88 largest coffee export companies in Vietnam.

2013 - The company has witnessed a strong and stable growth in revenue and market. Total income in the first quarter reached 870 billion. Company has gradually approaching retailers, importers and processing of coffee and pepper from Vietnam.